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Be Human


We are a U.S. based child advocacy law firm located in Baltimore, Maryland who advocates for the human right to safety, development and well being for abused and neglected children. We believe that every child and youth deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and because of their immaturity, their vulnerability is heightened and special protections are necessary. We believe that their fragility bestows a special duty upon adults to ensure that they are protected and nurtured, so that they may develop and mature to meet their destiny.

As strong advocates for justice and equity, we are committed to our vision that every child and youth will be able to self-determine to achieve their destiny. Understanding that historic factors compounded with social engineering heighten the fragility of specific groups and plays a significant role in their increased involvement in the child welfare system, we utilize an intersectional approach to service our children. Our approach recognizes that heightened marginalization and/or vulnerability of specific groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, citizenship status, and the like occurs. We know that multiple markers of identities or difference increase experiences of discrimination and exclusion, thus heightening vulnerability for specific groups of children in the child welfare system.

Since 2007, we have provided legal advocacy services to over 7,000 abused and neglected children and youth, ages 0 -21, in seven counties in the state of Maryland. With heart-centered intention, we hold the space of compassion and recognition for each of our children – recognizing their individual worth as we fight diligently for their human rights. Having an open heart allows us – as advocates – to hold space to support our clients as they navigate challenging and hurtful terrain and provides a platform of trust, truth, and humanity that makes us stronger advocates for their needs.



Honor each client's intrinsic value.


Connect with the client's emotion.


Truthful, honest and trustworthy character.


Intense dedication to whole-person legal representation and advocacy.


Personal commitment to cultivate unparalleled expertise and skills.


Erect new paradigms.

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